The Easiest Way to Clean a Swimming Pool

The Easiest Way to Clean a Swimming Pool

When was the last time you called the professionals to clean your pool? It’s highly suggested that homeowners clean their pools regularly. While it may not be fun to clean swimming pools, it has to be done anyway. And that’s the only way you can assure yourself and your family a healthy swimming experience.

But we all could slack off sometimes and that’s quite understandable. But if you do that often, there will come a time that you can no longer swim in your pool because it’s too dirty to be of use. And when that happens, your pool will be an eyesore and it simply won’t serve its purpose.

How to Clean Pools

There are many ways and methods to clean pools and some of them you can do on your own. As for the others, you’ll need a little help from the pros because the process needs special equipment, tools, and chemicals to get things done.

You may think that scrubbing or cleaning your pool is not an easy task and you’re correct. Scrubbing your pool isn’t just all about using cleaning agents to remove grime and dirt. The proper way of doing it is first, use the right chemical that will kill the mold and other microorganisms that can be thriving in on the tiles, walls, and the water of the pool itself.

The Chemicals You Need to Clean Your Pool

To clean your pool properly, you’ll need to know how to use these special cleaning compounds, more particularly chlorine and bromine. These are the chemicals that are added to the water to keep it clean. To a certain degree, they also help in keeping the floors, walls, and surrounding areas of the pool clean.

However, these chemicals won’t keep the bugs and leaves out of the pool water. They can also do so much for the walls and floors. Always remember that using chlorine, bromine, and other chemicals won’t thoroughly keep your pool clean. You still have to do some scrubbing and skimming to achieve an absolutely clean pool.

The Equipment You Need For Pool Cleaning

Before you even get started on pool cleaning, make sure that all the tools necessary are at hand. Doing so will make pool cleaning so much easier. Here are some of the things that you’ll need:

1. Telescopic Pole

Think of the telescopic pole as the Swiss Army knife of pool cleaning. It’s possible to attach all kinds and types of things to the end of this pole. You’ll need it to reach all areas of the pool. The things that you may attach to it are skimmer nets, vacuum heads, and brushes.

2. Skimmer Net

You’ll need a skimmer net to collect the debris that has accumulated on or below the surface of the water. As a matter of fact, all swimming pool owners should have one. It’s best for scooping leaves, twigs, and bugs.

3. Scrubs and brushes

When it comes to scrubbers and brushes, you’ll need the types that are specially made for pools. You can check out your local handyman store to find these items and use them as you normally would.

These are what you need to do proper pool cleaning. Follow these tips and you’ll see that cleaning pools can really be easy.

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