Rights You Have When Your Car Gets Towed

While it is pretty common for your things to be towed out of the way especially if you don’t take care of where you park your car in a busy city. If the parking space seems too good to be true, then be careful you might be in a tow zone. You should think of what to do when your car gets towed without your permission.

You have to understand that towing is not bad, it could even help you if you need it, you can check out affordable tow Fresno to understand what a great towing service can offer you in the long run. However, as mentioned before, this article, will focus on the times when your car gets towed against your will.

Here you will learn what are some of the rights that you have when something like that happens to you.


You have the right to say no to getting asked for payment for the towing of your truck if and only if you get into an accident. It is a lot easier for you to understand that you can say no, however, if you like to pay that isn’t a problem either. It is just an information that you can use to your advantage if you feel like you are being taken advantage of.


They may be wearing the uniform, but it would be safer if you just ask for their ID just so, you know what you need to have in the long run. It is a lot easier for you to have this so, you might as well, make sure that things like this happen as well. So, make sure that things are not a problem for you whenever you can get to it.


If you can make sure that the towing truck towing your vehicle is someone who is accredited in the state then you can breathe easier. If this is not the case then you have the right to say no to it. It is important for you to make sure that you are not falling into a common trap of getting your carnapped right under your nose.


You can sue or at least ask for insurance money if your car gets damaged due to the negligence of the tow truck driver or towing company in handling your car. If you don’t want to have something like this, then you might want to consider, making sure that you won’t have problems like that at all. So, have it whenever you can get away with it.

It is important for you to know your rights because it will ensure that you won’t get taken advantage of in the long run. If it happens to you, it is well and good that you know what you need to do. Towing vehicles can become a hassle to you especially if you are the owner, so, make sure to follow the rules set out.

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